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Introduction: Learn about LiveChat & connect with your customers with ease. It’s the simple solution to generate more leads, boost […]

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Learn about LiveChat & connect with your customers with ease. It’s the simple solution to generate more leads, boost revenue and to win customers for life.

Create a chat experience your consumers love and automate it with better human touch.

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You must be wondering, how one chatbot can make business operation easier. Will it be actually automate our work, increase our sales, help us in generating more qualified leads, and bring the best out of it.

Yes, you heard it right. Your chatbot is the one who will work on your behalf, send automated messages to your desired audience in order to answer their questions. It will be helping you in generating more leads automatically, and increase your overall sales by proper analysis and configuration.

In this guide, you will be going to learn the world finest chatbot trusted by Fortune 500 companies including Paypal, Sony, Adobe etc. More than 27 Million chats monthly with 150+ connected countries, it’s the one converting visitors into customers.

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1. What Is LiveChat

2. How Does LiveChat Help

3. Top LiveChat Features

4. LiveChat Marketplace

5. LiveChat Community

What Is LiveChat:

LiveChat is an online customer service software that allows any customer, visitor, or team belonging to any part of the world to communicate on your site to chat live with your customer support. It’s a solution dedicated to e-commerce and customer care.

It is believed to be true that every business in the 20th century needs to be online for itself to work faster and efficiently. And while being online it needs to engage with the customer for a better understanding of its needs. LiveChat helps any website or web application to communicate with its customers and members. LiveChat offers more easy solutions than phone calls, which are time-consuming, and for e-mails, which is slow.

LiveChat Chatting Screenshot
LiveChat Chatting Screenshot


Chatbots are the revolutionary products, and with the LiveChat you can connect across multiple channels. You have unlimited options to customize, integrate and to make it look as you want.

How Does LiveChat Help

  • Companies install LiveChat on their websites to help answer the client’s questions in real-time & improve their customer service.
  • The use of chatbots in LiveChat can help automatically suggest customers without the need for an actual live agent in case of minor and quick problems.
LiveChat Dasboard Screenshot
LiveChat Dasboard Screenshot


LiveChat Chatting Screenshot


LiveChat Mobileview Screenshot


Top LiveChat Features:

A. Chat Tools

LiveChat Chat Tools


  • Message Sneak-Peak: One can know what your customers are typing before it can be read.
  • Canned Responses: Save time for repeated questions and reuse one-time answers as many times at different chats.
  • One-Click Save: Finding yourself writing the same thing over and over again? Save the response with one click.
  • Chat Tags: Keep track of every conversation. Add tags to your chats to give them context.
  • Rich Messages: Engage customers with a better live chat experience. Send messages that are more personal, intuitive, and appealing than plain text.
  • File-Sharing: Do you wish to use files for better conversation? No worries, LiveChat gives you the option to share files within any chat and conversation.
  • Chat Archives: Miss an old conversation for records? No worries, LiveChat has a default feature of storing old chats and files.
  • Notifications: Never miss any chat conversation, files, or details of chats, conversation with team, or customer through LiveChat notifications.
  • Chat Transfer: If stuck between a conversation due to lack of information or code of conduct, instantly transfer your customer conversation to any other team member.
  • Chat Ratings: Instantly ask for your services without asking your customer it through any mail or feedback form by simply asking them to rate you in chat instantly
LiveChat Discover More Features


  • Discover More Features: You have enough more features to explore and to choose as you want.

B. Customer Engagement

Mavenwit Customer Engagaement


  • Rich Greetings: Welcome your customers with exclusive rich texts and graphics. Introduce any new product instantly and share announcements of offers and other product discounts with rich texts and images.
  • Messaging Mode: Use this feature to enhance your offline mode during any holidays or working off-hours for connecting with your customers if they left any support queries or questions directly in the chatbox without the need for emails or phone calls.
  • Eye-Catchers: Seek your customer’s attention to offers, other features, discounts, and other announcements.
  • Chat Buttons: Instantly show keywords for support which can let customers decide the need for support on their own.
  • URL Rules: Connect customers with your team members.
  • Ticket Form: If you or your team member log off during the support chat off-hours, the chat widget on your website is replaced with a ticket form. This helps your customers and visitors to reach out to you around the clock so you or your team can handle the ticket when it’s convenient.
  • Chat Routing: Any conversations or chats can be automatically routed to a team member, support representative, or can be selected manually from the queue. With this feature, it can be sure that you don’t miss out on any conversations.
  • Chat History and Transcripts: This feature helps your company to retrieve any old conversation and on the other side helps the customer to keep the records of conversation through sending a quick chat conversation record to the given email.

C. Customization

LiveChat Customization


  • Personalization: Make your chat look like you own through logo, custom inputs, fields, wallpapers, etc. Personalize it to look at your brand.
  • Agent Profiles: Customize agent profiles to make your live chat more personal. You can set the name, title, and profile picture.
  • Languages: Help your customer understand better by providing them to convey their chat or message through different preferred languages based on their country, origin, or creed.
  • Do More With Chat Boosters: Chat boosters help your customers to engage more than just a chat and complete actions that don’t involve talking to your team.

D. Reports & Analytics

LiveChat Reports & Analytics


  • Data Summary: Keep an exact track of your team and support members in one place. Know their working through tracking their feedbacks and ratings.
  • Chat Reports: Keep track of reports.
  • Data Export: Create any custom reports related to any customer, team member, or notifications with the necessary needs of it.
  • Agent Reports: This helps in tracking your agent reports through engaging in customer’s feedback.
  • Local Benchmark: Get in front of your competitors. Turn on benchmark data in Reports to see how your numbers compare to the industry average.

E. Security

LiveChat Security


  • Encrypted Connections: Any connection to LiveChat servers between customers or even agents or team members is encrypted with 256bit SSL protocol.
  • Credit Card Masking: Hide your credit card details if you do not want to process payments through chats.
LiveChat Data Security


  • Data Storage: LiveChat servers are live and well secured around US and Europe Data centers so it is well kept and authenticated.
  • Access Restriction: Limit access to any unauthorized person or team member to the LiveChat apps or logs.
  • Visitor Banning: Rid your chats, conversation, or any other faults error by the visitor or spammer by blocking their IP or banning the particular person’s address.

LiveChat Marketplace

LiveChat Integrations


Do you feel something is missed? Like any feature related to your old applications. Like notifications, CALLS-SMS, cloud storage like Google Workspace, shopping blogs like WordPress or 3dCard, etc, then LiveChat marketplace brings you those tools to solve your missing piece of features.

  • Whether it’s WordPress or 3dCart for web application integration or
  • 2Way for SMS integration within LiveChat session or
  • Quick Notes for instantly writing an important event detail or notification, etc. or
  • Slack for notifications in emails or
  • Google Analytics for the report and analytics tracking or
  • Facebook messenger for signing in or text messages easily, etc.

LiveChat Community:

liveChat Community


Do you have any queries related to the LiveChat product? Or

Any issue related to the working of the software or

Any software integrating problems related to development and security?, then LiveChat Community helps you solve this unrelated customer support.

LiveChat community is just a collection and group of the same customers around the world who use LiveChat for their businesses and company. These customers help you in a way by sharing their problems so others can help them or if they can share their solution to your problems. These customers sometimes can be developers, webmasters, and WordPress managers who use this tool to help other customers by letting problems to be fixed by them, etc.

A. Customers

LiveChat has been in business for many years and so it has created a possibility of engaging itself in many different aspects. Those aspects contain success stories, companies, and other details of how LiveChat has grown in years.

LiveChat Customers


Few of their customers are:

  1. BMW
  2. Huawei
  3. Kia
  4. Unilever
  5. Acer
  6. Aweber

B. LiveChat Solution For Different Businesses

  • Any hosting, domain seller and server reseller can use LiveChat to enhance sales, discounts, and other features through chats.
  • E-Commerce stores can use LiveChat to increase their sales while engaging themselves in customer reviews and feedbacks.
  • Educational institutions and e-learning solutions can sell their courses effectively by letting students know their courses and it’s pricing through live conversations.
  • Travel agencies can let customers book travel tickets and fair places by letting the traveler connect more with the department.
  • Forex departments can track their logs, reports, etc., through LiveChat report tracking.


LiveChat has been in business since last 17+ years with a lot of customers around the globe.

As the features mentioned above can be less innovative then actual use. LiveChat offers a 14 days trial period to let you know that how it actually works. These trial days can be used to know the features and integrations available in LiveChat.

There are many 3rd party software’s which can be integrated with LiveChat to let any of the customer feel just like home. This helps each customer to work with 2 or more softwares together for better the understanding of the company and its needs. Do you want LiveChat for your business. Try It Free 


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Create a chat experience your consumers love and automate it with better human touch.

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