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Introduction: SEO can be your only strategy in getting organic traffic to you website or blog, if you select the […]

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SEO can be your only strategy in getting organic traffic to you website or blog, if you select the right SEO tool. We’ll bring you the world’s finest SEO tool ever used by Fortune 500 companies to get the maximum results.

Dominate your SEO strategy by using the world’s best tool to get higher results in less time.

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In the expansion of the digital world, the need for having a digital presence and be noticeable is imperative for any kind of business. Now, people prefer to buy products or services online rather than going out looking for the right products or services.

Therefore, it has become very important for small and medium businesses, and entrepreneurs to have a noticeable digital presence so that they could attract more and more customers.

Gone are the days when it was easy to rank high in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and generate leads, thus converting them into loyal customers.

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1. What Is SEMrush

2. Competitive Research

3. Keyword Research

4. Link Building

5. SEMrush Pricing

What Is SEMrush

SEMrush is all in one marketing toolkit that offers all the SEO features that you need to rank higher in SERP.

It is specialized in finding the right keywords, site analysis, site audit, backlink analysis, competitors research, and traffic analysis. Along with that, it will also help you to optimize your ad campaigns.

This SEO software has great learning support— SEMrush academy, SEMrush blogs, webinars, podcasts, and e-books. If you don’t know about SEO and how it works, then you can go for SEMrush certification in digital marketing which is free of cost for its users.


SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools that are very helpful to analyze and improve SEO strategy for you to bring more and more traffic to your website.

Let’s dive into the detailed guide and features of SEMrush and how you can benefit from them.

SEMrush Login

semrush login


Once you are successfully logged in you will have a dashboard.

You can use the toolkit you would like to use by clicking on the top-left dropdown menu.

Here, you have the option to use all the tools from one page or you can select a toolkit which you want. This way it would be easy to use SEMrush if you are new to it.

semrush domain overview


Let’s explore each of the SEO-related toolkit one-by-one so that you have a clear understanding of this software.

SEO Toolkit

It’s the best competitor analysis tool to check competitor website traffic and find keywords they are getting their traffic from. Thus makes it easy for you to copy the same strategy and increase the traffic on your website or adds.

Competitive Research:

Domain Overview

It provides a lot of helpful data and metrics of your competitors and yours as well which, in turn, helps you to assess where you actually stand as compared to your competitors and what you need to do to compete with them.

semrush domain
mavenwit domain overview


Here, you get to see a lot of metrics such as organic search traffic, paid search traffic, backlinks, and display advertising. And below that, you could see all kinds of trends with detailed figures.



Traffic Analytics

This traffic checker allows you to compare you with your competitors, here you can add up to three competitors you want to compare yourself with.

semrush analytics


Organic Research

SEMrush competitor analysis provides all the details of organic search results of your competitors such as how many organic results they get and what are the keyword they get traffic from and where they rank in SERP.

semrush organic research


Keyword Gap

This is one of the amazing features of SEMrush as it helps you to find out keywords that can be a game-changer for you. In this tool, SEMrush takes all the keywords of your competitors and evaluates which keywords would be best for your SEO strategy.

semrush keyword gap


In today’s cut-throat competition where it is very difficult to find keywords you can bank on, this could be a boon.

Backlink Gap

Here you can compare five domains to find out domains you can target for link-building campaigns.

semrush gap


Having the right backlinks is very important as they bring a lot of traffic to a website.

Keyword Research:

This tool helps you save time and effort to find the right kind of keywords that you are looking for. It could save you hours of hard work. This keyword research tool offers limitless options to play with, make your SEO strategy better.

Keyword Overview

Provides data such as volume, keyword difficulty, global volume, Cost-Per-Click, and results on SERP. Along with that, you can also see SERP analysis.

keyword overview


SEMrush also offers bulk analysis where you can enter up to 100 keywords and get their report.

semrush keyword


Keyword Magic Tool

If you compare semrush vs moz or ahrefs vs semrush, you will find that SEMrush is way ahead of moz and ahrefs when it comes to this wonderful tool.

With this tool, you will never need a keyword planner tool as it provides more metrics and data than a keyword planner.

semrush keyword planner tool


As you can clearly see how SEMrush keyword magic tool pull the accurate data. I don’t think you would like any other tool.

Organic Traffic Insights

It helps you in your keyword research as it provides a complete insight of keywords and helps you make a proper strategy to bring traffic on your website.

organic traffic insights


Link Building:

SEMrush link building software is really good. It not only provides backlink analytics but also helps you to audit backlinks.

Backlink Analytics

Here you can get to know about backlink authority score, how many backlinks a domain has, referring domains, monthly visit through backlinks.

Backlink authority mavenwit


Link Building Tool

Helps you built links. All you need to do is enter keywords and then the tool will show sites that have links to the sites that are ranking for entered keywords.

link building


PPC Keyword Tool

Setup a campaign and you will get a list of all the keywords your competitors bid for. With the help of this feature, you can copy competitor’s keyword and ads and have the same amount of traffic on your site. The kind of data this tool shows that too with 100% accuracy, you will not find it anywhere else.

semrush keyword tool


Social media Toolkit

SEMrush also offers a bunch of tools for social media marketing. SEMrush API is one of those features of SEMrush that makes it best in SEO software. Following are some of the features offered for social media marketing.

  • Social media poster
  • social media tracker
  • social media ads

Content Marketing Toolkit

This feature of SEMrush is designed to help you with content creation. To grab the attention of visitors quickly and pass algorithms to rank high in SERP there must be SEO friendly content, and that’s what this tool does for you. It offers you:-

  • Topic research
  • SEO content template
  • SEO writing assistant
  • Brand monitoring
  • Post tracking
  • Content audit

SEMrush writing assistant helps you in writing the content that your visitors like and search engine loves. You can get to know more about content ideas by clicking on show more in the tool.

SEMrush Pricing:

There are many free SEO tools available in the market but none of them is sufficient to fulfill all of your SEO needs. Therefore, it is important that you go for a premier software that is best in the market.

semrush pricing


SEMrush has two trial plan

  • SEMrush pro
  • SEMrush Guru

SEMrush Pro plan cost is $99.95/month. This plan comes with 7 days free SEMrush trial. In case you don’t like it after using it for 7 days, you can cancel your subscription and there would not be any deduction. I bet, once you use this tool and become familiar with it, you would not leave it because it is indeed a wonderful SEO tool you can lay your hand on.

SEMrush Guru plan comes with $199.95/month. It has extra features such as content marketing platform, historical data, multitargeting, and many more. This plan also has 7 days free trial which is enough to make yourself accustomed to SEMrush software.


To make a strong presence on a digital platform, it is important that you take major steps to rectify shortcomings and weak areas and stand along with your competitors that are doing good in their perspective fields.

semrush conclusion


SEMrush is an easy-to-use tool which is ideal for small and medium business, and people who want to start their online business. This tool is also very beneficial for bloggers and affiliate marketers who want to bring more-and-more traffic to their site and make money.

There are mainly three best SEO tools— Moz, SEMrush and ahrefs. If I compare ahrefs vs semrush then clearly SEMrush is much better than ahrefs because it provides more functionality and features as compare to ahrefs. And, if I compare semrush vs moz, moz is good but again SEMrush is a better option. Ubersuggest is also one of the popular SEO tools but it does not offer features that are offered by SEMrush.

For the convenience of its users, SEMrush academy provides free certification in digital marketing courses. If you are someone who is looking to make his/her career in digital marketing then I would suggest you to go for SEMrush as there is a free certification, you will get a brief knowledge about SEO and its functionality along with the practical application of concepts that you learn through video lectures.

Explore More With SEMrush

Make use of the free trial of SEMrush and get the impactful analytics for content marketing. Keep all your SEO work organized by using all in one marketing tool and save time and effort.

Don’t know what to do yet, just go to SEMrush and use it for 7 days for free and improve the traffic on your website, you will know what to do next.

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Dominate your SEO strategy by using the world’s best tool to get higher results in less time.

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