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Introduction: Doing an online eCommerce business can be the one of the best residual source of income. Building brand online […]

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Doing an online eCommerce business can be the one of the best residual source of income. Building brand online is kinda like hard, but it’s a lot more easier when you choose the right tools in place. Here’s why we got you covered.

Increase you online sales by 60% and drive the higher ROI possible with email marketing.

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In today’s digital world, it is found by the Microsoft Corp, the average attention span of visitors has dropped from 12 to 8 seconds. Keeping that in mind and considering the cut-throat competition to make a digital presence and convert leads into customers for eCommerce business. It has become very difficult to grow your eCommerce business without a proper email marketing strategy.

Well, email has been around for a long time. As per salesforce, more than 94 percent of consumers use email. Therefore, email marketing is an effective and direct way to connect with people and turn them into loyal customers. The average return of every dollar spent on email marketing is around $44.

Email marketing is not only effective to find new customers but also for building a strong bond between your customers and brand. With this, you can suggest quality stuff to your customers that too by targeting specific clients.

Apart from that, eCommerce email marketing is better than any other digital marketing channel because it collects more information about your customers. Thus helping you understand the behavior and nature of customers and help you customize emails to target them.

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  1. What Is Klaviyo Email Marketing
  2. Features Of Klaviyo Email Marketing
  3. Klaviyo Pricing

What Is Klaviyo Email Marketing:

Klaviyo is a marketing automation email platform that offers powerful SMS and email marketing services. It not only helps you to market and promote your products but also your content such as articles and blogs.

It is deeply integrated with eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, BigCommerce, and many more. Because of its deep integration, it is easy to pull the data from other marketing software and form a single coherent view of leads.


For effective email marketing, you must get the right message to the right customer and that too without turning spammer. Thus, Klaviyo email marketing is best as it doesn’t send the same message to all the customers. It helps you evaluate and understand the behavior of customers and prepare email campaigns accordingly.

klaviyo email marketing


If you are new to email marketing, then Klaviyo training would be very beneficial for you. There you would learn about email flow, email campaign, and how to use Klaviyo to convert leads into customers more effectively.

Let’s look at some of the features of Klaviyo and how to use them for better results.

Features Of Klaviyo Email Marketing:

Klaviyo email marketing tools are best for your eCommerce email as they provide a wide range of customization and automation. Some of them are as follows:

Klaviyo Email Flow

An email workflow is an essential part of email marketing as it engages the customers with brand deep. Before starting sending email campaigns, you must send your first email flow.

You can use an email template editor to build amazing templates for your flow.

But, before that, you need to add new contacts to your list. There are three ways to add a new contact in Klaviyo.

  • First, customers sign up in the signup form and share his/her information with you.
  • Second, you create a subscription page, and customers sign up there and let you know about his/her preference.
  • Third, if you want you can also add leads to your list manually. It could be beneficial if you get a lead from somewhere with a strong preference.

There is one thing you need to remember that all the signup forms should direct to the same Klaviyo list so that all the contacts will receive the same welcome series mail. And, to avoid being seen as spam, you must use your business email address to send email flow.

Another great way of targeting your audience is personalizing email templates with your own branding and content. You could ask recipients about the type of emails they would like to receive— product updates, emails on a daily or weekly basis, and so on.

Once you created the content for the email series, set the status of each email to live. This way new subscribers will automatically be scheduled for all emails after signing up. All the emails will be sent automatically to your customers based on the schedule.

klaviyo segmentation


Make sure you include an incentive on your welcome series if you have any incentive on the signup form. Display the most eye-catching product so that the chances of subscribers turning into a customer is good.

Klaviyo Email Campaign

This feature of Klaviyo allows you to engage with your customers more effectively. It helps you to contact multiple recipients at the same time or at the best time. Klaviyo’s email campaign is designed to provide relevant offers and valuable content at best. Thus, it helps you build trusting and everlasting relationships with your customers.

klaviyo email campaign


As per the study, it is found that more than 85 percent of people like to receive promotional emails twice a month from brands they have subscribed to. Considering this fact, it could be inferred that sending the right email campaign can help you nurture and keep your customer engaged. Along with that, it is also helpful in collecting data about new customers or existing customers to serve them better.

To get maximum out of this feature you should prepare your email campaign considering – gender, or subscribers who have never purchased before or since the last signup.

One Touch Integration

To make a data-driven marketing decision, you must integrate all of your data in one place, Klaviyo. One-touch integration allows you to integrate your eCommerce account, email service provider, and list group at one place and helps you make the right decision to boost lead generation and lead conversion. To integrate the tool, scan, and find the tool that you are using.

Klaviyo Integration


Make sure your third party list growth tool in sync to Klaviyo. In case you don’t find that tool in the list, create a signup form by using a signup builder. And, if you are using custom coded form then you could either sync new subscribers to your eCommerce platform that is integrated with Klaviyo, or you could point the form directly to Klaviyo account by updating the form action URL.

Klaviyo Shopify integration can bring amazing results to your eCommerce business as Klaviyo is the best email marketing for Shopify. If you have an eCommerce store on Shopify then Shopify email marketing integrations provide you immense opportunity to upsales your customers.


58 percent of the company’s revenue is generated from segmented emails. That’s the power of segmentation, and you will have the same power if you use Klaviyo as it has an amazing list & segmentation feature.

Klaviyo Segmentation

It is recommended that you create segmentation depending on how engaged your customers have been with you. You could take 30, 60, or 90 days as a target.

You must also create an unengaged segment to target a specific audience.

Once you have done with segmentation, you should set up the following email flow.

welcome series

  • Welcome series To welcome new subscribers and engage with them.
  • Post-purchase follow-up After-sale, sent a post-purchase follow-up email to get recommendations or recommend other products.
  • Abandoned cart When a customer visits your store and browse the product but leaves without buying it. Then you must send an abandoned cart email to remind him/her, or you could offer a discount to make the sale.

Email Template Builder

Klaviyo email template builder is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to build attractive templates for your email flow and campaigns.

Klaviyo Template Builder


There are plenty of themes, and you could choose the one that fits best to your need. There you can also find Shopify notification templates that are designed especially for Shopify users.

Customizable Sign Up Forms

Sign up form builder allows you to build various types of sign up forms such as popup, flyout, and embed.

klaviyo forms


There you can also select the device you want to target more – Desktop and Mobile, Desktop Only, or Mobile Only.

Klaviyo Pricing:

Klaviyo is a free Shopify email marketing app if you use it to send email flow and campaign up to 250 customers. But if your client base is more than that then you would need to go for premium plans.

klaviyo plans


You need to choose the plan which suits you the best. If you are new to Klaviyo then I would suggest you to go for the demo version as it offers all the features with some restriction.


Klaviyo marketing automation is a wonderful software to increase the number of leads, customers, and sales of your eCommerce business. Klaviyo training helps you know more about its features and how to use them effectively.

With this email marketing tool, you would not need any other lead generation tool. There is an immense possibility to grow your business if you know the power of email marketing and tool that serves you best.

Whether it is creating email flow or campaign, or targeting a segment of people Klaviyo has everything to offer you.

Try Klaviyo For Free

Whether it is creating an email flow or segmentation. Klaviyo has everything from building your first email template to sending your first email campaign.

Use Klaviyo for free and see the power of email marketing. Generate a new client base with the help of tools that are designed to offer a hassle-free experience.

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Increase you online sales by 60% and drive the higher ROI possible with email marketing.

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