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Moosend Vs Mailchimp- best email marketing tool

Looking for the best email marketing tool for your business. In this guide, we will be comparing the top market […]


Robin Micheal

Digital Marketing Intern at Mavenwit

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Looking for the best email marketing tool for your business. In this guide, we will be comparing the top market leader in the email marketing industry.

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As far as internet marketing is concerned, Online sellers both younger and older are Mindful of crowded Marketplaces & few of them stand out to provide top-notch products, customer service,  grow and retain consumer base. But it’s not easy to gain an edge but once you do, maintaining and fostering a relationship is challenging and for this reason, the right marketing software is  inevitable. Both Moosend and MailChimp have everything you need to improve customer interaction. viz. email templates, automated workflows, email funnel etc. Both are quite similar to each other. Hence it’s quite difficult to distinguish between the two and decipher which tool is best for you. But at the end of the comparison, hopefully you’ll be able to embark on one which meet your need, Without wasting time, lets  jump into comparisons-

  1.  What Is Moosend
  2.  What Is Mailchimp
  3.  Ease Of use
  4. Automation
  5. Reporting And Analytics
  6.  Comparison
  7. Pricing
  8. Conclusion

What Is Moosend

Moosend can be described through it’s  tagline “all-in-one marketing platform” They pitch for scalability and help users grow. The business by virtue of the power of marketing automation with Moosend, it is easy to create high converting email campaigns, landing pages and automated workflows, even without Writing a sight line of code. The main focus of Moosend is to Target small and large businesses and enhance the performance by focusing on growth and e-commerce marketing since their foundation in 2011.

email marketing tool


What Is Mailchimp

Founded in 2001, it’s one of the best-known names in email marketing automation and famous for its user friendliness. They claim to send out over 10,800 emails in a second. Both Moosend and Mailchimp describe themselves  as a marketing automation platform and e-mailMarketing services. Both Moosend and Mailchimp are pretty, intuitive, but let’s break this down little more.

Ease Of Use

Moosend drag and drop interface and Customisable templates are incredibly newbie friendly, making it easy for novices to create content rich emails, complete with interactive elements. It comes with pre-built landing pages that You can quickly and effortlessly customise for your marketing campaign. There’s even an image catalog you can use. In short, you don’t need to be Tech-savvy to make the most out of this solution.

Like  moosend mailchimp is equally easy to use and navigate. The email editor provides an easy to intuitive drag and drop interface that you’ll pick up in minutes. You can develop automated workflows just as quickly with MailChimp’s  visual customer journey builder. Here you just drag campaign elements into a  flow chart to craft your customised workflow.


Moosend. You can automate lead scoring, cart abandonment, VIP offer etc. Mailchimp. With MailChimp  you can send create behaviour. based automation and data based automation, and much more.

Reporting And Analytics

Reporting and Analytics helps in Boosting decision making. It can help in watching who engages with your ads. Now let’s have a look on how Moosend a and Mailchimp offer Reporting and Analytics.



Let Moosend be your eye in the Sky, Gain full access to your recipients every move, all in one tab, and plan your  next email marketing campaigns accordingly. every manager’s hope to have  comprehensive, precise and easy to manage  reports that save your time and support fast accurate business decisions. Also providing a feature of Report sharing with a click. Sharing is caring for your team, it’s a Powerful Analytics Powerful Decisions. Squeeze your emails out with Moosend’s  powerful analytics tool that measures your efforts in detail and helps you keep the real juice of your email marketing in real time cheers.


Mailchimp makes data digestible So it’s easy to monitor trends, track performance and Create better campaigns. Your email, automations, social ads and many more – keeps on all your Campaigns. Directly from your MailChimp account. Also helps  in understanding your audience growth engagement and revenue reports, basically  the behaviour of your audience. Also provide Monitor ROI with detailed revenue reports. Moosend and Mailchimp mobile App puts  real time Campaign data at your fingertips. you can Check your Marketing tips any time.


email marketing tool


Moosend provides a 30 day free trial and allows you to pay on a monthly or  annual basis. Pro plan – $7/month. Mailchimp has four pricing plans based on monthly billing only. The free Plan Opt 2000 contacts, The essential plan $11/month (upto 50,000. contacts), The standard plan $17/month (upto 100,000 Contact), The Premium plan $299/month (2,00,000 + contacts).


At the end of the comparison, we’ve to declare Moosend the overall winner. For its ease of use, pricing, reports & analytics, automation and templates, Moosend conquers it all.

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Robin Micheal

Digital Marketing Intern at Mavenwit

Robin Micheal is the digital marketing intern and content writer at Mavenwit. He is great at writing compelling SEO optimised content. He is skilled in managing different tasks at one time and to complete the work with in the deadline. He’s a Maven, & Adventurous, Are You

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